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an enterprise cloud for

planning, executing and maintaining a 
multi-site strategy

site|folio provides integrated solutions for unifying the work and data of multiple teams—delivering context and clarity for faster decision-making and accelerated project delivery.

Assemble your annual capital plan, fill your pipeline, and confidently execute with a single platform.


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65 Countries 

99.99% Uptime

Since 2004

For Retailers

101 K Projects

36 K Locations

5.7 M  Documents

$21.3 B  Contracted

3.8% Change Orders

(less than)

Phone Tablet Desktop

Fast and Responsive

100% HTML5

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sf | real estate​
  • Pipeline Managment
  • Risk Weighting
  • Budget Development
  • Spend Forecasts
  • Proforma Development
  • Proforma Presentation
  • Criteria Collection
  • Criteria Distribution
  • Deal Term Evaluation
  • Lease Mngt. Integration
sf | lease
  • Critical Date Management
  • Lease Options
  • Lease Abstracts
  • Lease Documents
  • Lease Contacts
  • Rent Changes
  • Termination Windows
  • Co-Tenancy Windows
  • Pipeline Integration
sf | design
  • Prototype Development
  • Document Distribution
  • Change Management
  • Versioning & History
sf | foundation
  • LIVE Reporting
  • Configurable Dashboards
  • Site-Centric
  • Multiple Projects / Site
  • Template Mngt
  • Project Templates
  • Custom Reports
  • Tiered Security
  • Any Device, Every Browser
  • Powersful Search
  • ERP Integration
sf | construction
  • Schedules & Automation
  • Tasks & Alerts
  • Program Reporting
  • Documents & Versioning
  • Photos & Slideshows
  • Drag-and-Drop Content
  • RFI's & ASI's
  • Submittal Mngt.
  • Budgets & Versionsing
  • GC Bidding
  • Vendor Quotes
  • Contract Mngt
  • Purchase Orders
  • Pay Requests
  • Change Orders
  • Service Contracts
  • Proposal Requests

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Which are you?
You meet corporate objectives. You think holistically.  You think long and short term. You look for improvements. You provide solutions for yourself and others. You integrate needs into one seamless workspace.  

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Development officer

Ultimately, I am responsible for everything related to new and existing stores: growing & managing the portfolio, creating & maintaining the brand, reacting to the market, and tracking all of the capital to make it happen.  


Time and money—I need concise real-time views that meet my specific requirements and the ability to drill into the details.  

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We have a ton of work and I need to increase my team’s capacity and improve project delivery. Ideally, want to reduce redundant work that slows us down by leveraging our vendor network. 


We all need fast access to the plans, real-time reporting, an easy way for vendors to bid projects, and for me to approve pay apps. Also, I need to see potential cost overruns and risks that would delay our turnover to OPs.

next : design

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My job is a balancing act: working against me every day are random and frequent requests from all departments, a fixed capital budget, and the need to get a permit quickly.


From my perspective, change management, versioning, consultant scheduling, and notifications are all critical to me and my team.  We also need a better archive all locations; stuff is everywhere and needs to be easier to find.

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Real Estate

The biggest part of my job is to identify potential locations, generate proformas and forecast store openings.  Each deal needs to be summarized, easily updated, and visible to my team.  


Additionally, I need to manage existing leases, renewals, cotenancy issues, etc. To me, these are all projects and should be structured with clear assignments and reminders.  And, I need the rent role automatically sent to AP monthly.

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Initiatives focus

On average, we touch every store 3 or 4 times a year—most of the projects are small, fast, and exciting but the number of moving parts is overwhelming.​ Marketing, merchandising, and IT are tweaking our customer experience and updating the store layout.

My field teams and vendors are mobile—always on the road and mostly work on tablets.  For me, in the office, I focus on the things NOT getting done—I need reliable exception reporting.

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Growing fast

While we don’t have a lot of units, yet, we’re growing really fast.   Our small team is busy and wearing a lot of hats. I know we need a better way, but we can't do anything that slows us down—I want the benefits without the headache.


We'd like to see some best practices from other companies like us. Show us schedules, templates, budgets we can use to get started. We have to keep-it-simple; on a limited budget.

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